Wednesday, April 12, 2006

N8 DOGG's Interesting Traffic Stop

TORONTO, Canada - On the nice quiet morning commute, nWo T Dot Member, N8 DOGG was caught in a speed trap doing 83 clicks in a 50 zone.

The fabled tales of n8 and nWo3 keep going on, and this time its no different.

Today, N8 was flying to work and got caught in a heavy speedtrap along Evans Avenue in Etobicoke. There were 6 cops with radars and 3 units ready for pursuit.

When n8 was pulled over the conversation went kinda like this:

Cop:"Do you know the speed limit?"
n8: "Uhh... 60?"
Cop:"No... try 50."
n8: (to himself) "Shooks!"
Cop: "Well, I'm not going to charge you for speeding..."
n8: "Uh.... really??"
Cop:"But I did notice that your stickers are out of date."

From here on, n8 goes on to prove that his stickers are valid as he has it with him in the glove compartment, along with photocopied backups.

From there, the police officer then asks for his drivers licence and registration. The officer looks and tells n8 that his registration was expired. N8, was a little befuddled then goes into his wallet and pulls out his backed up photocopy to prove otherwise, the police officer then stops him and tells him:

"No, its okay, the one you gave me is correct."

N8 was even more confused wondering if the cop was just fibbing to see his reaction.

The police officer then walks back to his car to check for more violations. He comes back to N8 and says,

"Now, I could be a dick... but on the greensheet you didn't put the sticker on there, that is a $110 fine."

N8 then pulls out and shows him that he does indeed HAVE the sticker --- his backup sticker. The now befuddled cop then goes back to his unit to look for more stuff.

After a few moments, the officer comes back to N8 and says with sigh,

"Alright, you can go..."

N8, not used to this, EVER... doesn't know how to react. He just drives off laughing knowing that he in some way, foiled that cop's traffic stop.

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