Thursday, November 26, 2009

N8 Dogg Confirms 'Shathan' Romance!

TORONTO, Ontario- It took him long enough, but N8 Dogg finally confirmed his romance with Shelley this week on his facebook page.

N8 DOGG Confirms Romance with ShelleyCKNEWS first reported this breaking story back in September, when reporters noticed that cK compadre, N8 DOGG and cK friend, Shelley, were hanging out with each other quite often. They completely denied anything was going on, until reporters got Shelley to crack and she admitted it was true they were dating. However, N8 Dogg still denied anything was happening... until now. Most recently on N8's facebook page, he changed his profile pic from his usual side-head-bend-up-close-to-camera pose to a snuggly picture with him and his main squeeze. Not only did he do that, he also put the caption under the photo: "HOT GYAL BY MY SIDE FOR LIFE". Does this also mean that N8 is hinting at something else? Will there be more then just christmas bells ringing come December 25th!??

CK reacted on a facebook comment by saying, "omg!!!" N8 responded by stating, "Yes me know... long time unveiling". It's hardly an unveiling when everyone already knows about it! Reporters also discovered that Shelley's facebook profile pic, is the same one being shared by N8! Her caption under the photo: "My sugar sweety for life :-D" Is Shelley also confirming that everyone should start planning now as to who their plus one will be when they RSVP for a wedding?!? Quite possibly. Due to the overwhelming response on her facebook page, Shelley also stated: "He makes me happy". As of press time, both of them have not changed their relationship status to "In a relationship" on their facebook accounts. The following screenshots are from both their facebook pages.

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iqster wrote: I love this line "It's hardly an unveiling when everyone already knows about it!"
So true
Tuesday, March 09, 2010
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